One-Year Later: Thailand Flood Relief Fund 2011


An unusually heavy monsoon season followed by Tropical Storm Nock-ten in late July 2011 led to the worst flooding in Thailand in over 50 years. During the fall of 2011, 65 of Thailands 77 provinces were affected as flooding spread across northern, northeastern and central Thailand, including the capital, Bangkok. By January 2012 when the floods finally receded, 815 people had been killed and 13.6 million people were affected. [Read more...]

Death toll from Thailand floods passes 600

November 21, 2011

Photo Credit: Getty

According to the Thai government, the number of deaths from the Thailand flood disaster has reached 602. Most of the deaths have occurred from drowning. As of Sunday, 17 out of 77 provinces still remain flooded.

Though cleanup has occurred in many areas, there is still much to be done as some areas face weeks more of persistent floodwaters.

To read the full Huffington Post article and view pictures of the flooding, click here.

Hardship lies ahead for victims of Thailand flood

November 16, 2011

Photo credit: AP

Reuters reports that evacuation orders are still being issued in outer districts of Thailand, weeks after flooding first began. As of Monday, November 15, The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation says that 562 people have died and out of the 77 provinces in Thailand, 22 are still deeply affected by the flooding. Though floodwaters are receding from Bangkok, an estimated 16,000 residents have taken shelter in 163 evacuation centers.

The water in some areas is still a couple feet deep and victims have been told it could take weeks for it to go down.

Read the full Reuters article here.

Months Later, Floods Threaten Health, Food Security of Cambodia’s Rural Citizens

November 2, 2011
by Gavin Tritt
Re-posted from The Asia Foundation’s In Asia blog.
While international media attention has been focused on the rising floodwaters in and around Bangkok, and Thailand’s efforts to cope with this disaster, across the border, Cambodia has been experiencing its worst flooding in a decade. Starting more than two months ago, rapidly rising rivers have inundated the country’s lowland rice-growing areas, leaving at least 247 people dead, an estimated 1.5 million people displaced or otherwise affected, more than 230,000 hectares of rice paddy destroyed, and 400,000 hectares still under water. [Read more...]

Thailand Flooding: Persistent Uncertainty and a Long Road to Recovery

November 2, 2011
Re-posted from The Asia Foundation’s In Asia blog.

Several weeks of the worst flooding Thailand has experienced in 50 years has left more than 400 people dead and affected over 9 million Thais. Although central Bangkok has been spared thus far, many neighborhoods in greater Bangkok and adjacent provinces remain submerged. The country faces economic losses and recovery costs in the billions, and concerns about health and other consequences of the flooding are rising. In Asia interviewed The Asia Foundation’s country representative in Thailand and Bangkok resident Kim McQuay on these and other issues.

It would appear that central Bangkok has been spared the flooding that has devastated communities to the north and west. How are Bangkok’s residents reacting? [Read more...]

IRIN: Disaster is imminent and inevitable in Thailand

October 27, 2011
IRIN reports that Bangkok is bracing for an inescapable disaster as 400 million cubic meters of water rushes into every part of Thailand’s capital city.

IRIN reports that “The size of the population – more than eight million residents – coupled with the run-off, has made for an unprecedented and atypical emergency, said Kirsten Mildren, information officer for Southeast Asia at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), who has worked in disasters for almost a decade.

“I cannot think of another emergency where I have seen it like this, where you have got the authorities and emergency services really battling to get the water to move around a city of this size. It is really incredible.”

Click here to read the complete story.

Thai Prime Minister Takes Over Disaster Efforts as Floods Worsen

October 21, 2011
According the New York Times, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said Friday that she would take direct command of flood control in Thailand as Bangkok took the risky step of opening its floodgates and as criticism of the government mounted after days of disorganization and conflicting messages. Click here for the full story at the New York Times.

Thailand Flooding Displaces Thousands, Resulting in Vast Economic Consequences

Photo Credit: AP

October 19, 2011
by Asha Bhatia
As Southeast Asia continues to be ravaged by a particularly harsh monsoon and cyclone season, Thailand is experiencing severe flooding that has affected over 8 million people in 60 of the country’s 77 provinces. The provinces of Nakhonsawan and Ayutthaya have been especially hard hit, with floods closing down hospitals and other public facilities. The capital of Bangkok, while relying on its drainage system to currently stave off extreme damage, could become similarly affected with continued rains in the coming days. [Read more...]

Apprehension and Criticism of Government Rise as Floods Spread in Thailand

An aerial view over flooded Lokayasuttharam Buddhist temple in in Ayutthaya province. The situation in Bangkok's adjacent provinces has serious implications for the capital, with the Chao Phraya and other river systems that pass through and around the crowded city of 9 million serving as the only natural drainage course for the accumulated floodwaters. Photo: AP

By Kim McQuay; Reposted with permission from In Asia.
For the last several days, the water level in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River has been rising in virtual synch with the escalating worry that grips a city bisected by this great river and whose neighborhoods are crisscrossed by dozens of canals, or klongs. This growing concern drew me to the Chao Phraya, whose familiar defined banks had vanished beneath a broad expanse of water that lapped at the window frames of traditional wooden houses that ordinarily sit some distance from the river. Sunlight danced across the swollen river, the quiet scene otherwise offering little clue that communities a few kilometers upriver were contending with the most severe flooding in half a century. [Read more...]

Thailand Affected by Worst Flooding in Half a Century

Photo credit: AP

October 18, 2011

For the past few weeks, Thailand has been experiencing the worst floods in half a century. The death toll has risen to more than 300 while more than 8.6 million people in 61 provinces have been affected as floodwaters continue to rise. The flooding has resulted in billions of dollars worth of damage. [Read more...]

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