Bright Star Mobile Library

Bright Star Mobile Library (BSML) is a not-for-profit Trust registered in Islamabad, Pakistan. The mission of the Mobile Library is to create love for reading and enhance global awareness amongst the young. The BSML has embarked on achieving its mission by providing access to excellent quality books to elementary grades children of those schools that have no libraries for their students. The first five years of elementary education are the most formative years when the young learn to read. The books selected by the BSML to attract children to reading are those that fascinate, entertain and inform them. These books evoke their curiosity and imagination and help them in developing questioning minds. It is at this stage of learning that the young learn through books about the beauty and diversity of the world around them that helps them to grow up into knowledgeable and tolerant adults.
BSML currently has two vehicles that function as mobile libraries. Each of these libraries visits one school per day; thereby each vehicle provides library services to five (government and private) schools per week. Both vehicles cover total of ten schools per week. In these schools, access to books is provided to total of 2,500 young boys and girls. This cycle of school visits is repeated on weekly basis. On the day of school visits story telling sessions are carried out for children of grades 1 to 3 and book reading sessions for children of grades 4 and 5. These sessions are also used to impart basic social messages such as: to clean hands before touching books; do not litter; form and respect queues etc.The BSML has received two more vehicles which are being converted into mobile libraries. Total of four vehicles will be operating as mobile libraries with effect from 1 January 2013 reaching around 5,000 young students in some 20 schools.

All schools served by BSML are rural elementary schools where majority of the young students belong to low income and poor families. These students and their teachers have enthusiastically welcomed the BSML service. They had never experienced such a wonderful collection of books for the young. The response to developing interest in reading has been most encouraging.

BSML has proved to be a cost effective way of providing library services to elementary schools located in geographically widespread area. The BSML brings library service to the doorstep of schools whose children had no access to libraries.

Funds raised through the Bright Star Mobile Library Fund will support the mobile library operations and help continue serving children at the outskirt of Islamabad.

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